Three Songs and What My Parents Wanted me to Be

I grew up in a very christian house. My mom and stepdad wanted me to go to seminary and become a preacher. When I was a teen, I thought I was best suited to culinary school. I got accepted to The Culinary Institute of America. Mom and stepdad refused to let me go there. SoContinue reading “Three Songs and What My Parents Wanted me to Be”

How to Not Get Obese on Psych Meds

This is something I have struggled with for some years. I peaked at 412 lbs and 6’2″. Recently I found a solution and I’m actually losing weight. This is just my own system, it is not medical advice. If you divide your food groups into 5 parts, you get:1. grains and tubers – carbohydrate2. meatContinue reading “How to Not Get Obese on Psych Meds”

What it’s Like, part 6 The Hospital

I’ve been in several mental hospitals, mostly for suicide attempts and ideation, and once for a delusion. Not all hospitals are created equal. The OSU Harding psych hospital used restraints and had no outdoor time (which is a huge deal). The State Mental Hospital in Athens used restraints, but had outdoor time. That was aContinue reading “What it’s Like, part 6 The Hospital”

What it’s Like, part 5 Addiction

My drug of choice was tobacco. Although it is perfectly legal, it is also crazy hard to quit, and it can kill you in several different ways. I believe that any drug you’re addicted to is a valid thing to say that you’re an addict. Admitting you have a problem is often the first stepContinue reading “What it’s Like, part 5 Addiction”

What it’s Like, part 4 BPD and PTSD

I’m doing Borderline Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder together for two reasons: 1. It is often hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. 2. They were both caused by the same events. This post contains possible triggers such as accounts of physical and verbal abuse. Reader discretion is advised. BorderlineContinue reading “What it’s Like, part 4 BPD and PTSD”

What it’s Like, part 2 SZA

Schizoaffective Disorder is probably the most unsettling of my diagnoses. It’s also the best managed by my medicine. I started having symptoms around the age of 7 or 8. Normally, it is brought on by puberty and 20-something angst. But I went through immigration trauma by moving from Southern California to Ohio. Although I didn’tContinue reading “What it’s Like, part 2 SZA”

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