What it’s Like, part 5 Addiction

My drug of choice was tobacco. Although it is perfectly legal, it is also crazy hard to quit, and it can kill you in several different ways. I believe that any drug you’re addicted to is a valid thing to say that you’re an addict. Admitting you have a problem is often the first step to quitting. I tried cold turkey, gum, and weaning off. Nothing worked. Then a guy let me hit his Juul, and I went and got one. I was still craving tobacco. So I got online and started talking to other vapers. One of them kindly sent me a Kangertech Squonk Mod. I started using that and my tobacco cravings went away entirely. Then I upgraded to a Dead Rabbit RDA and a U-Well Squonk Box and started making my own coils and juice. I see no reason to quit vaping, but I could quit at any time. I went a whole day without vaping recently and didn’t feel any ill effect. No cravings. Nothing.

The thing about tobacco is it has some unique traits that make it so you can’t go 30 minutes without having another one. It is both something to do with your hands and an oral fixation. It gets you high, but not so high that you can’t function. The high wears off quickly. You build tolerance to the nicotine and need more of it to get high. It then goes out of control. That was me. I was the guy that was always sitting there smoking like a freight train. I couldn’t walk or exercise because I couldn’t breathe. Now I can breathe, and I do exercise. I’m slowly healing from my addiction, because of the kindness of two strangers.

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