What it’s Like, part 6 The Hospital

I’ve been in several mental hospitals, mostly for suicide attempts and ideation, and once for a delusion. Not all hospitals are created equal. The OSU Harding psych hospital used restraints and had no outdoor time (which is a huge deal). The State Mental Hospital in Athens used restraints, but had outdoor time. That was a huge improvement. Columbus Springs does not use restraints and has outdoor time, and that was the best I have been to. I went there multiple times. They also had group therapy a lot including music and art and yoga.

One thing they all share is possibility for conflict. What you can usually do to stop it before it gets nasty is to vehemently agree with the person even if you really disagree. It usually leads to confusion and their anger dissipates. This has worked for me in 5 situations so far. In one case it was an angry staff member.

In my experience, hospitals are chill most of the time, and conflicts usually happen right before or right after a meal. They do serve their purpose which is to keep you alive if you’re suicidal, and keep other people alive if you are homicidal. Being in the hospital sucks, but it doesn’t suck as bad as dying would, so I pick the hospital over dying.

You would meet all sorts of people. Some are really cool people and you would make lasting friendships. Everybody gets you and knows what its like, those are some positive things about the experience.

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