It’s the Little Things

Self care is probably the most important part of my recovery. I have my own rules and comforts. I live on a small farm. I’m disabled due to mental illness. I can work, but not every day. Try explaining that to a boss. I got fired by the state disability work training program when I had hallucinations, blew my top, and left early. The farm is how I make my $700 SSDI stipend into a livable sum.

That said, I don’t do any work I don’t have to, and I never work before I’ve had a cup of coffee and my morning meds (vitamins and mood stabilizer). The cup of coffee is really important. I buy whole bean medium roast coffees in town and grind them myself before brewing in a french press. Then I have it with just a bit of sugar and a splash of goat milk. I listen to music and drink my coffee and basically do coffee meditation where I clear my mind and just focus on how nice the coffee is: the way it tastes, the hints of this or that, the viscosity, the mouthfeel, all of it. The music is just background noise so I can concentrate on the coffee.

Another comfort I will not do without is my evening tea. I usually buy Stash Double Spice Chai or Twinnings Irish Breakfast tea. Usually I have my tea after the evening meal. I do pretty much the same meditation as with the coffee. But my grandma is home from work (She is following her own dream.), so sometimes we just both have tea and conversation.

I do my work between these two meditations. I designed the farm to need as little maintenance as is humanly possible. So once I get everything set up I won’t have to do much to keep it going. That way if I have a bad day, a bad week, or end up in the hospital; I won’t have to worry about the farm. It will take about 5 years to set it up. After that, there is very little work, and practically none that resembles work as most people see it.

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